FUSION is the leader in the industry for high quality, easy to install lithium batteries. All fusion lithium batteries have an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures their safety and allows them to be used with most normal 3-phase battery chargers.

The pulse range of Fusion Lithium is something we had the pleasure of helping develop over the last several years specifically for marine use. They come equipped with special BMS' that allow huge continuous current ratings and they are designed to withstand harsh environments and vibration. Fusion Pulse lithium batteries are now the official battery of Riviera, Palm beach & Grand Banks motor yachts and Sydney ferries. We consider the pulse range to be by far the best batteries on the market worldwide, marine or otherwise. 

Why go lithium? 

  • Ultra Light Weight - half the weight of traditional batteries

  • Incredibly fast charge times

  • much longer life expectancy 

  • deeper depth of discharge levels

Less weight, more power and for longer than ever!